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Alfalfa - Affinity
Alfalfa is a major forage crop across the United States. Affinity can be used across the United States (except deep South) offering high yields and long stand life. When properly grown, harvested and stored, it produces more protein than any other forage crop and nearly equals corn silage in total digestible nutrients for livestock. It also contributes significantly to soil-plant nitrogen supply and general soil improvement. Alfalfa does best on deep, permeable soil with an adequate moisture supply during the growing season. Most varieties are sensitive to poor drainage and compacted soil conditions which restrict root growth. Most productive on loamy soils, well-drained, with good moisture holding capacity or with adequate irrigation. Performs best at pH levels at 6.5 or higher. Alfalfa also attracts deer, turkey, and rabbit.

Here are some of the outstanding features of Affinity:

  • Produces high yields even on fields where root rots are a problem
  • Uniquely winterhardy, a full season variety with the winterhardiness Of varieties adapted to the far north
  • Wide spectrum pest resistance decreases yield fade in later stand years
  • Very high yield potential, top performer in University yield trials
  • Resists stem nematode problems common to lighter soils
  • Very fast recovery and very good frequent cutting tolerance
Seeding rate 15 to 20 lbs/acre.

For more information on Alfalfa, click here: Alfalfa Information

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